Cacique - Renier

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50ml Extrait de Parfum

Top Note: Labdanum, Juniper berries, Pine Tree, Pink pepper, Neroli

Heart Note: Indian oud, Sandalwood, Orris, Jasmine, Patchouli, Vetiver, incense

Base Note: Vanilla, Cambodian oud, Caramel, Rasperry, Musk

Perfumer: Christian Carbonnel
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Cacique is a fragrance inspired by the life of the leader and warrior of the Cuban Taino Indians, boss of the tribe, to whom all honors were paid, the highest step in the social pyramid, the alpha, head and king.

In the top notes the perfume opens with spices, mostly pink pepper and juniper berries well blended with labdanum and neroli, from the beginning the fragrance conveys a sense of power designed for a specific audience. Not everyone is born with royal blood and therefore not everyone is a cacique, nor is everyone going to fall in love with this perfume.

The neroli itself and the pine tree wood balance the sweetness of the composition while adding a subtle perception of liquor that blends very well with the notes of the body.

As soon as the perfume begins to dry the Indian oud is the total protagonist, accompanied by sandalwood, here a natural Indian oud accord has been used in a way that does not overshadow the rest of the components of the composition. It‘s a well-blended body that allows patchouli to make an appearance, interspersing waves of incense and vetiver, while orris adds a dirty, dry and wild note. 

In this way, that feeling of power and primitivism that is present in the Indian tribes of the Caribbean islands.

Cacique is a spicy woody fragrance with a certain oriental character.

At the base of the perfume we find again the presence of Oud, but this time it is Cambodian, softer and slightly sweet that is enhanced by musk and Vanilla.

During colonialism many caciques unfortunately ended their lives burned at the stake. As this perfume is a historical portrait of an Indian leader, we have added a touch of burnt caramel that makes a perfect description of this dramatic ending.

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