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Legend of Mysore - Panah London

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30ml Eau de Parfum

Notes: Saffron Absolute, Coriander Seed, Carnation, Ginger, Soft Wood Accord, Sandalwood Indian, Vanilla Bean Absolute, Myrrh, Musk and Am


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Get ready to wrap yourself in the rich heritage of India with The Legend of Mysore Perfume; an opulent scent affair that has been exquisitely designed in collaboration with the master perfumer, Kedra Hart.
With top accords of soft saffron, coriander seed, carnation and a hint of spicy ginger, this unisex scent is dominated by Indian sandalwood that instantly awakens your senses with its creamy and comforting aroma. Woody notes deeply complement the heart with sweet vanilla to amplify the fragrance’s deliciousness, before merging with myrrh, musk and amber that keep you smelling elegantly charming from day to night.

As anticipated from an authentic Indian origin Sandalwood, the fragrance is truly magnificent. It invokes a sense of sacred closeness when experiencing the damp, rich aroma of freshly cut wood. The sweetness and creaminess are harmoniously complemented by hints of bitterness.

Describing the aroma of Indian sandalwood oil is a challenge as it encompasses a unique experience. As the initial top notes gradually dissipate, the fragrance transports you to a whole new realm. With the passage of time, the aroma undergoes a transformative journey. The warmth, richness, and intricate nature of sandalwood oil create a truly divine olfactory experience, reminiscent of buttery sensations.

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