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Dear Empathy - Equality. Fragrances

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Top Note: Geranium, Chamomille, Lavender, Green Gras
Heart Note: Bulgarian Rose Oil - Osmanthus - Elemi
Base Note: Cedarwood Atlas, Amyris Wood, Labdanum, Indian

50ml Eau de Parfum
Perfumer: Alexandre Illan


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Dear empathy personifies an innate, even fundamental ability of
feeling, which we seem to have lost in a world of uncertainty, fast
pace, digital omnipotence and injustice. It embodies the empathy in
us and puts clear, handwritten words on the ability to empathize and
empathize. equality. dear empathy takes us on a sensory journey
deep inside our being to unlearn ourselves and reconnect to the
human inside of us.
Close your eyes and let yourself be filled by blooming fields of
Lavender and the smell of energizing fresh green gras in the air.
Elusive moments of Geraniums citrusy accents complement the
blissful feeling with a hint of spice. The woody and sweet balsamic
aromas of Elemi carry you further away into seductive lands of floraloriental
Bulgarian rose oil and herbal Osmanthus.
imagine. Mossy Amyris Wood and smoky sweet Labdanum create a
memorable combination, finishing off the diffusion on your skin with
soft yet rich Indian sandalwood.

equality. Fragrances (The Brand behind the Fragrances)

equality. fragrances is a Berlin perfume house founded in 2019 by Lukas Görlitz and Basti
Fischer was founded and believes in the power of scent. Because scent has the unique power
Trigger memories and influence actions. All our gender neutral perfumes
are associated with a statement of tolerance/openness and an approach for a clear,
modern value system and social change.
All of our eau de parfums are made in Germany exclusively with high-quality products
ingredients made. We only produce in small, hand-packaged batches and last
to the IFRA guidelines. Each product is individually customized by us. Over and beyond
We work closely with the human rights organization “International Justice Mission”.
10% of our company‘s profits go to a selected project in the form of donations
the Philippines against the sexual exploitation of children on the Internet. The money flows here
currently in the psychological aftercare of liberated children.

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